(SA-MP) How to fix "Unknown" Gamemode problem

Unknown gamemode problem is something easy to be fixed, its becuase you are using plugins for windows and you should use Linux, or there's a problem in your script.

1) Make sure your script compiles well on your PC & not showing any errors on starting.

No problem with the script? Then here's another fix,

1) Go to "Plugins" Folder.
2) Check the file type of the plugins, make sure they are all .so if there is any .dll plugin then search for its .so one.
3) Go to "Server.cfg".
4) Find the "plugins" line, then make sure every plugin has .so after its name, example:- "whirlpool.so". Then save the changes.

You need to shutdown your server before doing the steps above (From 1 to 4), after doing them all start your server, the gamemode should be working fine now :)
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